HWPSC Malaga  

Who we are?

We are a young and dynamic Company. Our main activity is organizing sport events and managing sport tourism. We handle our services in relation with football, rugby, waterpolo and swimming, and we also offer Ticket Sale for sport events, matches. We have experience in organization of professional preparation stages in collaboration with the best sport institutions of Spain. We are proud to work with amateur clubs and able to offer them to practice their sport activity. Our aim is promoting the importance of team work, intercultural experience and the healthy and active lifestyle for our clients.


Our Special Team

Fodor Rajmund
We count with Rajmund Fodor during the camp. 2 time Olympic Champion. 2 time World Champion with the Hungarian National Team.

Lorena Miranda
Silver medal in the London Olympic Games in 2012. Gold medal in 2013 Barcelona World Championship and Budapest – 2014 Euqopean Championship


Inacua Málaga

One of the most modern swimming – pools of Europe. There are two Olympic pools (50m x 25m) and an instructor – pool (25m x 16m). In 2008 in LEN organization this pool hosted the XXVII European Championships for men ant the XII for women.


CAR Sierra Nevada
One of the three high performance sport institute in Spain and the unique built at 2320m above sea level which it converts to high  - altitude centre.


Our Team

Alberto “Beto” Fernández Abellán
Manager Coach of waterpolo at Centre Natació Mataro. Training Coach of men first team of Centre Natacio Mataro in División de Honor. Graduated in Physical Education at INEFC of Barcelona. Master of High Perfotmance in Team Sports. Superior Coacj of Waterpolo. Profesor of RFEN. Second classification of La Copa del Rey in 2015

Peter Kubicskó
Manager Coach of Club Deportivo Waterpolo Málaga. Coordinator of Municipal School of Waterpolo. Organizer, staff leader and training coach of HWPSC – Hungarian  Waterpolo Summer Camp. Coach of men first team of Club Deportivo Waterpolo Malaga. 6 time champion of Hungary with categories. 3 times champion of Andalusian Tournament . Bronze medal in 2nd National Division of Sapin.

Antonio Adamuz
Graduated in Physical Education. Coach of waterpolo – RFEN. Professor of PE. 17 years of experince as waterpolo player.
Wifredo Sánchez Sánchez
Training Coach of U -16 and U – 14 at CD WP Málaga. Goalie coach of Andalusia Territory Team. Champion U – 12 , 4th U – 16 and U – 14 of Andalucia in 2015. 8th U – 16 of Spain.


2 weeks period

Málaga Inacua
(del 25 al 29 de Julio)

Campus Cup: Car of Granada
(del 30 al 31 de Julio)

Car de Granada
(del 1 al 8 de Agosto)

Campus Cup: Málaga Inacua
(del 6 al 7 de Agosto)

Car of Granada
 (del 25 al 29 de Julio)

Campus Cup: Car de Granada
(del 30 al 31 de Julio)

Málaga Inacua
(del 1 al 8 de Agosto)

Campus Cup: Málaga Inacua
(del 6 al 7 de Agosto)



Benjamín (2006 – 2007)                              
Alevín (2004 – 2005)
Infantil (2002 – 2003)
Cadete (2000 – 2001)
Juvenil (1998 – 1997)
Junior (1997)

Precios / Price:
Training exclusive           (1 week)                             300 €
Training Exclusive            (2 weeks)                           500 €
All Inclusive                       (1 week)                             750 €   
All Inclusive                       (2 weeks)                           1300 €


Paying info

50% with inscription and 50% at 45 days to camp
10% discount for brothers