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Special offer for LOCAL players:

2 waterpolo trainings / day
+ Lunch
860 EUR/week

"Old camper" discount in 2017
2% discount for participants of the previous year camp

"Bring your buddy, too!" discount for previous year campers
2% discount if you bring a new applicant. The discount can only be used in case of one new person, who hasn't got a personal HWPSC code yet. Enter your HWPSC code and your buddy's details on the application form.
Why to apply?

Improve your waterpolo skills under the control of excellent, olympic champion instructors
Improve your language skills
Make friends and build valuable relationships
Extraordinary programmes at beautiful scenes are awaiting you
Important notes

Application requirements
Payment requirements
Withdrawal notes

Note that applications will be assessed on a first come, first served basis.

Procedure of application


Find a direct flight from your requested place to the airport of Malta (Luqa). The flight date should be on Sunday (possibly Saturday) preceding immediately the starting day of the period you have chosen. ( If there is no direct flight on this/these day(s), only then we accept your application for another day ). more details


Fill in and submit the form, then confirm your applicaition via the link you received in email. more details


We review your application and make exact calculations.


As soon as we have the minimum number of applicants for a period (12), you will be notified in email about the payment details and you will get a personal code (if you don't have one).


Indicating your name and code you transfer the fee (or its half as deposit) to our account in 5 workdays and upload your electronic flight ticket (e-ticket). more details


We confirm that you have completed the application and meet you at the Camp on the given day!
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